Chuck and Magretta Yokota are transplants to St. Louis, and they love their adopted city!  They met in San Jose in 2000, Magretta moved to St. Louis to take a job as the executive director of a non-profit organization in October, 2003.  Chuck, a mechanical engineer followed her to St. Louis in January of 2005. They were married in April, 2005.

Although Forget-me-not Bed and Breakfast is Magretta and Chuck's dream home, it seemed too big for just the two of them. Before too long Spike (a small and spunky Yorkshire Terrier) and Haley (a beautiful, friendly tri-colored Australian Shepherd) joined them to share in the hospitality and caring of Forget-me-not Bed and Breakfast. Spike and Haley love greeting new people and will be your friend forever with just a few pats!  

Most people really like Spike and Haley.  If you don't like dogs you might prefer staying some place else.  We are told they are well behaved by our guests, but they are dogs! So you know best if they would enhance or detract from you stay with us.

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Magretta and Chuck are very friendly and inviting, but I especially enjoyed the greeting we received from Haley each time we came in.  I wanted to put her in my suitcase and take her back to England with me but they wouldn't let me!  Jennifer.
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