About Forget-me-not Bed and Breakfast

Although Forget-me-not Bed and Breakfast is Magretta and Chuck's dream home.


It seemed too big for just the two of them. Before too long Spike (a small and spunky Yorkshire Terrier) and Haley (a beautiful, friendly tri-colored Australian Shepherd) joined them to share in the hospitality and caring of Forget-me-not Bed and Breakfast. Spike and Haley love greeting new people and will be your friend forever with just a few pats!

Most people really like Spike and Haley. If you don't like dogs you might prefer staying some place else. We are told they are well behaved by our guests, but they are dogs! So you know best if they would enhance or detract from you stay with us.

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The History of Forget-me-not Bed and Breakfast

Forget-me-not Bed and Breakfast was built in 1894 by Severin Prag.


Forget-me-not Bed and Breakfast was built in 1894 by Severin Prag. He was a local tailor who was doing quite well in bustling St. Louis. This Victorian home is a prime example of the decorative elements that became more affordable to the middle class as a result of the Industrial revolution. Fancy woodwork and other decorations no longer had to be done by hand allowing them to be in reach for the rising middle class. The Prags had 7 children, 3 of whom never married and 2 of them lived here until the 1980s.

The current owners, Chuck and Magretta Yokota, bought the home in 2006. For over two years Magretta had passed this house on the way to work and was drawn to it. Finally the house came on the market, and as soon as they entered the front door their fate was sealed and the home had to become their's. Magretta now calls this their major recycling project!

From the beginning the Yokota's desired to make their home a place of hospitality and caring. Forget-me-not has been the site for many parties from informal spur of the moment card parties to sit down dinners for twenty-four.

Their friends kept suggesting that this was the perfect home for a bed and breakfast so in late 2009 the process began to share this wonderful home with others as a bed and breakfast.